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A Genie Garage Door Remote For Added Security!

A Genie Garage Door Remote For Added Security!

After a hard day of work, you could do with the greatest ease at having the genie garage door remote. It makes your coming home from a tiring day very relaxed without heavy maneuvering of weighty garage doors. With a best garage door opener, relaxation starts as soon as you drive your car towards your home.

With just a click or two, the practical manner provided by the genie garage door remote goes beyond just opening and closing the safety area of your car and other home tools. Once installed, the product provides greatest security with its instant reversal mechanism. This means that the electronically-operated garage door will return to its track once any obstacles are on its path for more than three seconds.

The genie garage door remote also comes with a vacation lock for those long days your family is taking some time outside of your home. You can input your uniquely scrambled access feature which allows specific signals. Operation signals vary to prevent data theft and the biometric identification provides even greater security as you can customize your fingerprints on the genie garage door remote.

The Genie Garage Door Remote

One of the leading and excellent quality products of the Genie Company, the genie garage door remote comes with an easy-to-do installation manual that you and your family have fun reading and following. Driven by rubber belts, the operation of the genie garage door remote comes without noise, has interchangeable paces for both opening and closing, and speed control. It opens at 7-14 inches per minute.

It can also be mounted on your garage wall and when inside, you do the operations with a switch.

For it’s remote operation of the genie garage door remote, you can just sit in your car and have the door opened or closed. Don’t fret as the Safe-T-Beam infrared feature of this product allows it to prevent closing if your pet, kid or other items are a posing as hindrances.

Garage Door Security


Among the additional security features of the genie garage door remote is the Intellicode which instantly changes your access code when you use the remote control. This prevents unauthorized operations and access to your garage. In instances of power failures, the product also has an emergency release feature kit.

There are various door openers that come with the genie garage door remote products. One is the belt drives which is noiseless and lifts doors up to 12 feet up. The downside would be quicker wear as compared to the chain drive. Both belt and chain drives are lifting up to the same height but the latter is more budget-friendly. As for the very strong solid steel screw drives, it produces some noise and has door lift limit to just under 8 feet. Screw drives are, however, reliable since they are belt-less.

The Genie garage door openers can be put up in both single and dual doors and perform excellently under all weather conditions.

The Genie GICT390-1 Garage Door Opener

This product from Genie has a single button remove control for the Genie Intellicode or overhead door code-dodger garage door openers. Extra security is provided by genie garage door remote to your vehicle, garage and all the contents like your valuable tools, toys and spare parts. This is because it has a code-rotating system and it is compatible with all the Intellicode and code-dodger technologies made after 1997. With the Intellicode and code-dodger, your security codes could be recognized and accepted from all seven transmitting points which are used to set off the same opener.

This original genie garage door remote also includes a visor clip that can be attached to where you feel it’s convenient and secure, like a key ring.

The Genie GICT390-3 Garage Door Opener

Another original product of the Genie Company has a remote control with three practical buttons. The remote control for garage doors called Genie Intellicode or Overhead Door Code-Dodger provides extra security to your garage and all items inside it, as well as from any intruder to use your garage to gain entrance to your home. It has a 390 MHz frequency with code-rotating mechanism that provides this most advanced safety and security for your garage.

This genie garage door remote works fully well with all the Intellicode and Code-Dodger technologies from the Genie Company produced after 1997 to the present day. Both technologies have receivers that instantly recognize the seven security codes or less, which are all capable of setting off the same opener. Like the single-button type, this product comes with a remote or visor clip which is attachable to key ring.

Truly, your home and valuables are very safe with the genie garage door remote. With Genie Company products, your home security and your greatest convenience is fully achieved.

Genie garage door opener

One may be highly frustrated by the hard work in the office. The only thing that brings his or her sprit back is the Genie garage door opener, which provides you with easy to use handy options, which ensure your safety. As you drive your car towards the garage it can be programmed such that the garage door automatically lifts up when any obstacle approach towards it. It is also highly useful as far as the security is concerned. It can be made to open when the fingerprints are provided. This feature ensures your safety. It is also applicable with all facilities like input of code for a long time safety when one goes for a vacation with his family members.

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