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Eye Chart


You can download or print an eye chart using instructions on this page. The chart is an "E game" chart with visual acuity lines of 20/20 - 6/6 - 1.0 - 10/10, 20/40 - 6/12 - 5/10 - 0.5, 20/60 - 6/18 - 3/10 - 0.33, 20/80 - 6/24 - 2.5/10 - 0.25, 20/100 - 6/30 - 0.2/10 - 0.2.. There is also a calibration line to be sure that the chart print size is correct (due to variations in printers and graphics programs).

Go here to view the eye chart and save to your hard drive or print it. Be sure that when you print the chart that you make the following specifications to the "page setup", if these options are available:

  • Maintain aspect ratio - yes.
  • Use full page - yes.
  • Center image on page - yes.


To test your vision, place the chart in a well illuminated area and stand 6 meters (or about 20 feet) from the chart. Test one eye at a time. The lowest line that you can read correctly is your visual acuity.

In order to be sure that the chart printed is the correct size, measure the calibration line at the bottom of the chart. It should be 100 millimeters in length. If the length is different than 100 mm, use the following formula to determine how far you should stand from the chart to do the test:

  • Mulitply the length of the calibration line by 2.36.
  • This is the distance in inches that you should stand from the chart.
  • Example: If the calibration line is 100 mm, 100 X 60 = 6 m or 100 X 2.36 = 236 inches, or 19 feet, 8 inches (which is about 20 feet, or 6 meters)



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