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We have been opticians for three generations in our family, and our activity is targeted on three areas, optometry, contact lenses and optical instruments.













Go here to view the eye chart and save to your hard drive or print it. Be sure that when you print the chart that you make the following specifications to the "page setup", if these options are available:

  • Maintain aspect ratio - yes.
  • Use full page - yes.
  • Center image on page - yes.

To test your vision, place the chart in a well illuminated area and stand 6 meters (or about 20 feet) from the chart. Test one eye at a time. If you see lignes grey and other black you have an astigmatism.



ASTIGMATISM'S TEST . Close one eye and then the other one , if you do not see all the lined squares, in the same black color , if you do see one or more squares grey, you than have an astigmatism. ASK FOR A SPECIALIST ADVICE !!!


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