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We have been opticians for three generations in our family, and our activity is targeted on three areas, optometry, contact lenses and optical instruments.

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Perret opticians Optometry


vision Test-Astigmatism Test-Central vision Hypermetropia Myopia Astigmatism Presbyopia Optical correction   Anatomy Outer layers of the eye Anatomy Inner layers of the eye Anatomy Optical elements of the eye Child and sight (1) The faults of vision and the eye (2) Early detection of faults of vision (3) Vision Pathological abnormalititys Central vision Vision Pathological abnormalititys Cataract  Vision Pathological abnormalititys Peripheral vision Neurophysiology and vision  Ocular Symptoms and Diagnosis Ocular Pathology Contact lenses complications  Diabetes Cataract Glaucoma  Macula Degeneration Verneal eye Deseases Drugs and the eye Colour Vision Optical
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Perret opticians Optometry Geneva Carougew Switzerland        Perret opticians Optometry Geneva Carougew Switzerland


Optometry includes the examination of sight and the correction of the defects of  vision. A complete service:  eye examination -- glasses -- general spectacle frames  -- instruments - contact lenses . The glasses which embellish!  the new glance of an adapted vision which combines charm and effectiveness. Made your choice, in a broad range of all styles, creators, thousands of glasses, exceptional collections.



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