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Fitting individual progressive lens

The new Varilux Physio f- 360°™


Varilux Physio f-360°™ video


Varilux Physio f-360°™ is the latest addition to the Varilux Physio® range. This dual side progressive lens is customized according to 5 new parameters so that it is entirely in keeping with the physiology of the presbyopic eye.

For the launch of Varilux Physio f-360™, Essilor has developed new tools to calculate a dual-sided design that would minimize aberrations over the whole lens.

The front side is a complex progressive surface that incorporates the degree of correction for presbyopia.

The back side integrates, if necessary, the required degree of correction for any visual defect (astigmatism, hypermetropia or myopia) and takes 5 fitting parameters into account: the distance between the eyes, the fitting height at the pupil center, the lens-eye distance, the lens inclination and the angle of curvature of the frame. The position of the near vision zone varies continuously according to these considerations.

By factoring these 5 measurements into the calculation of the design, the performance for each direction of sight and each lens position relative to the pupil is optimized. To measure these different parameters, Essilor has recently developed new measurement tools for opticians.

The dual-sided design is transformed into a customized physiological optical lens by means of a groundbreaking manufacturing procedure: digital surfacing combined with point-by-point twinning of the front and back sides of the lens.

Varilux Physio f-360°™ provides a high degree of accuracy and visual comfort at all distances, and particularly for near vision. Perception of contrast is 30% better than with previous generation lenses.


Measuring the five parameters

Specific measuring devices are required to obtain the additional parameters

required for Varilux Physio f-360° lenses. These measurements can be taken

using either a fully automated instrument such like Essilor’s Visioffice unit

that can prove invaluable in terms of the speed and accuracy, or by using

a hand held device.


Wavefront Management System™

The Wavefront Management System™ is a design approach that

considers the wavefront of the beam of light entering the pupil.

Quality of vision depends on how much the wavefront is distorted

by both sides of the lens.

Optimising the wavefront through the front and rear surface of the lens

greatly reduces aberrations including higher order aberrations like the coma.




wavefront analysis

The Wavefront technology allows analysis of lens performance.

With Varilux Physio f-360° the beam of light passing through the lens is

virtually aberration free for any direction of gaze whatever the

fitting conditions.



Near vision point location

To achieve perfect alignment, the exact position of the near vision zone is

tailored to the five measurements. Vertically, the position can vary between

15-18mm, with the horizontal inset varying between 1.7 & 7mm.

This exact positioning ensures the wearer no longer needs to adopt

unnatural postural adjustments for near vision tasks. Postural comfort and

sharp crisp vision are achieved naturally without constraints.


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