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Solitaire® Protect Plus - Solitaire® Protect


Crystal Clear Vision with the New High-Tech Solitaire® Protect Plus and Solitaire® Protect Finishes

Rodenstock presents two new high-tech products at the opti 2011: Solitaire® Protect Plus and Solitaire® Protect. The innovative finishes protect lenses in particular against dirt, dust, water and reflections – bothersome factors that have a decisive negative effect on visual comfort. With Solitaire® Protect Plus and Solitaire® Protect as well as Solitaire® Eco, Rodenstock has a comprehensive range of finishes in the market and thereby offers just the right product for any budget. Solitaire® Protect provides the best scratch protection and is especially well suited for comfort-aware spectacle wearers. Solitaire® Protect Plus provides the best all-round performance for crystal clear vision. With the high-quality coatings, the innovation leader once again underscores its position as the forerunner for technologically outstanding brand lenses.

Solitaire® Protect Plus: Best Overall Protection with Performance Plus Factor
Rodenstock has clearly optimised the Solitaire® finishes portfolio with Solitaire® Protect Plus. Here, the Performance Plus Factor is decisive: It was possible to improve the interplay of the individual coating systems such that all important qualities come optimally into play. For example, the hard coating system provides 100 percent more scratch protection than the current Solitaire TopCoat® coating and is therefore ten-times more scratch resistant than an uncoated lens. This is a decisive argument for end customers, because very good scratch protection is the most important reason for spectacle wearers when making a decision for a high-quality coating (Allensbach study, 2008).
Through plasma technology that has stood the test of time and which has been further developed, Rodenstock has created a new type of coating system that optimally matches the benefits of organic and inorganic coating components in an optimum way. This new hybrid system creates an extremely hard and simultaneously elastic antireflection coating, which is expressed in the 100 percent improved scratch resistance. It was also possible to improve climate resistance by 40 percent through the new hybrid system. That way, the lenses are much more robust and reliable in everyday use, in recreation and on vacation in the event of high temperature fluctuations and rapid changes from cold to warm.

Perfect Transmission and Antistatic Properties
The super antireflection coating of the new Solitaire® Protect Plus top finish provides up to 99 percent transmission thereby reducing residual reflections by up to 30 percent. Moreover, the optimum composition and matching of the coating materials prevents static charging and dust is effectively repelled.
The service life of the Top Coat, which is based on nanotechnology, has also been improved considerably: It is now 100 percent longer. Dirt and dust are kept away so well that the lens remains cleaner longer. The so-called OneWipe Effect is as easy as it is clever. If the lens does become dirty, one to two wipes with the Rodenstock cleaning cloth is enough and the lens is clean again. The cleaning cloth is a practical extra that is included free of charge with each pair of lenses that are finished with Solitaire® Protect Plus.

The new Solitaire® Protect premium finish is just as convincing. It has considerably improved scratch protection, a super antireflection coating, and an effective cleaning effect, and it is especially well suited for comfort-aware customers.

On the Safe Side with Three Years Guarantee
Solitaire® Protect Plus and Solitaire® Protect are brand products from Rodenstock and thereby stand for the highest quality and innovation: "Made by Rodenstock – 100% German Engineering". The visible trademark of this quality claim is the original Rodenstock "R" that can be optionally applied to the right lens. For end customers, the promise of the high quality of the high-end Solitaire® Protect Plus finish is additionally expressed in an extended guarantee period of 36 months. To opticians, this quite simply means the maximum consulting security for customers to be satisfied in the long term.

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