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Force 10 St-thomas line

St-Thomas Line
FRED Lunettes has given its famous Force 10 line a new look with an elegant and resolutely modem frame. The design is inspired by the famous FRED bracelet.

Anchored in 6, Rue Royale since 1080, the jewels and eyewear frames of FRED JOAILLIER are distributed in France and all over the world.
"FORCE 10" originates from the passion for sea of the founder of the House, FRED SAMUEL.It is the first collection with a casual spirit. This unique concept finely associates 22 karat yellowgold aud nautical cable as the one used for hilyards and sheets.Today "FORCE 10" is a whole collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings and above all itis a collection of frames with suggestive names such as St-thomas, Jamaïque, St Vincent, St Barth, Alaska...
Like a boat navigating on the open sea, the FRED JOAILLIER creations go ahead. Keeping infashion these jewels offer you an initiating journey in the jewelry universe with the know-how of the great company.
It is not a lone crossing, but a pleasure trip when you enjoy sailing through innovating high quality creations."FORCE 10" for all the sea lovers and the others...

At FRED JOAILLIER, the Sea is a Passion,the Sense of Creativity, an Adventure,the Excellence of Quality, a Tradition.

A subtle combination of previous metals and natural materials with noble elegance that bas stood the test of time. Gold and platinum meld with precious woods and exotic horn in a unique and original frame.
St Vincent
With its pure and contemporary lines, St Vincent cleverly highlights the contrast between precious finishes and successfully combines timeless luxury with an ultramodern look.


St Barth
A modem line that pairs the fine quality of precious metals with an assured masculine look. Extreme attention was given to each detail on this model with its alternating brushed and polished finishes.
This stylish frame, with its discreet black lacquer F, achieves perfect harmony. Gold and platinum versions make this line the very symbol of sophistication.

It was Fred Samuel love for the sea and nautical sports that inspired to the "FORCE 10" Prestige line. Soon after, the exquisite Fred "Force 10" eyewear collection was created.

Alaska Prestige
This elegant frame, set with a diamond or a choice of nine semi-precious stones, represents perfect harmony.

Ste Lucie Prestige
This discreet and sophisticated jewellery frame line comes in Champagne gold, pink gold and platinum. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and tsavorites sparkle on the temple.


St Vincent Prestige
The pure and contemporary style of St Vincent Prestige is adornedI with 32 diamonds and comes in champagne gold and platinum A perfect balance between timeless luxury and a contemporary look.
Aberdeen Prestige
A jewellery frame line that plays with contrasts and offers a precious finish to match your every mood. Aberdeen Prestige is set with 24 diamonds.

In the tradition of fine French lunetiers-joailliers,FRED offers the "Force 10" collection in 18kt solid gold. Rimless frames can be accessorized with precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds. All Fred "Force10" frames are available as sunglasses.

JEWELERY LUXURY: Precious metals

Precious finishes

  • - Gold, Platinum, Palladium

  • - 5μ finish = jewelry finish

  • - Fixation coating:

  • - 0,3 μ palladium

  • - Protection coating:

  • - 4,5 μ gold (18 carats)

  • - Finish coating:

  • - 0,3 μ gold (24 carats)

  • - Jewelry master hallmark

Massive gold

  • - Massive gold 18 carats

  • - Finish 2,3 μ of gold 22/24 carats

  • - Yellow, Champagne or white gold






JEWELERY LUXURY: Precious stones
Precious stones

  • - Diamond

  • - Rubies

  • - Tzavorite

  • - Sapphire


  • - Onyx

  • - Amethyst

  • - Smoked Quartz


  • - ½ white pearls


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